Section 1 – The Basics of the Feeling and the Moment

So there is a project/small book that I’ve had on my computer for a while and I was supposed to put it out a long time ago, so I figured that I should release it before we move forward and the blog starts to focus more on meditation. There are 7 sections to the entire project. I’ll release each section one at a time then from there we’ll mostly focus on meditation. I’ll try to continue the (A few more poems) section next time or possibly even after I post the entire project, it will take me a while to gather up some other poems that I think would be good recommendations. Thanks for reading. 


A simple look at the moment and a simple feeling within the heart. The adventure that sits within each moment, the energy that heightens the basic, that same glow is coming from all around us. Neglectful with how I use my speed, haste unnecessarily accompanies some moments. But mustn’t we keep up with the shuffle? Nonchalant as time strolls by. The beautiful is the mundane. Lost in the moment again, I am often sidetracked but the glow always eventually catches my eye.

Slowing down only long enough to realize what I may have missed, only long enough to valet my scuba gear and continue on to the tour. Here’s to each nothing nestled in the infinite that we’ll never get a chance to swoon over. Getting to know humanity one experience at a time and one feeling at a time.

Mustn’t we keep up with the shuffle? To experience, to feel, to live is art within itself. The moment stretches and expands, and before I knew it, the journey had begun. Getting to know the moment, getting to know us, and everything around us. From snowflakes and raindrops to monuments, we are here to celebrate and experience every shift in the spectrum and every tilt in the compass.

Section 1 – The Basics of the Feeling and the Moment

The First Reflection 

Unique whistles were created as the cool winds blew through half-open windows, across building edges, and through the small mazes that this city is filled with. A bit of discovery and a bit of the atmosphere. Was it the heartbeat in my ears, or was it the heartbeat of the moment? Upon closing my eyes it became louder.

The feeling was the point at which the ship meets the water, and the wind meets its sails. The immersion arrives quickly, not taking over the moment but becoming a part of it. The experience of, the innate magic of, magnetic amongst other things. The second wind from the second sky, the first swept itself down from the clouds to an ocean hover then over to the sands where we were hanging out at. The same sands that were once lava were now a shade of gold under the horizon’s eye. The ocean currents were different in this part of the sky.

The wind from a little further away always seemed to connect with the environment differently. Gravity softened just a bit. Chasing a feeling and running directly into a reflection. The ocean currents seemed to have switched places with the floor below us. With the arrival of the first wind, we begin to simply notice, notice the silhouettes of the wonders that await. The second one somewhat helps us choose the direction. But keep up with the shuffle, mustn’t we? Careful as it goes by. Wakeful and hesitant but more willing than ever and I didn’t really know why. Through the milky way and back to earth all within the blink of an eye or possibly even faster. Swept up in the spectrum and spiraling through the atmosphere. The setting was blurry, but the feeling was always there.

I’ve always understood that I didn’t have all of the answers, but it became even clearer that I didn’t have all of the answers while working on this. But along with that, I also began to understand that having all of the answers isn’t quite the answer either. But mustn’t we keep up with the shuffle? Careful as it goes by. The thought of the shuffle was still somewhat new to me and somewhat surprising. Reflections put together familiar pieces with elements I’ve never seen before. The glare caught my eye but it was still a bit too bright for me, so I began to squint and eventually look away.

Much closer than I thought, the warmness wasn’t just in the distance. The sky’s colors were much more vivid than they usually were, or did they just appear that way to me? Am I seeing the magic in the mundane, or has the mundane always been filled with magic? The rest of the reflection becomes a little bit easier to understand. The reflections doubled amongst themselves, and it seems the awareness doubled along with it. 

Catching a glimpse of the shared electricity, as I looked around I began to see that others were aware of the reflections too. I felt a shift in the spectrum; the glow of the horizon’s eye was beginning to change colors. That was the only thing that remotely snapped me out of it; I continued on while trying to understand what I was feeling. Had I put too much stock in the current feeling, or had I not paid enough attention to it in the first place?

Within the midst of the moment, I watched others, and I watched myself. Becoming more observant of my own feelings and my environment, I watched the different interactions, and I watched the moments happening in front of me. The reflections had begun to multiply beyond what I could understand.

Section 1 – The Basics of the Feeling and the Moment


Far away from the distance and close to whatever right now was becoming. The fast-paced movement somewhat reminded me of the lightning rivers. Step by step, level after level, how linear. The fluctuations of the different levels and the unexpected brightness made it hard to see sometimes. But by the look on everybody’s face, it seemed like we were seeing the same thing, but I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but I was also afraid to ask. How do you see what is linear? It hasn’t been going on long enough for me to ask what we’re building towards. I feel like I should already know, part of me feels like I already did. A shift in the magnetics. Until I was able to notice it on my own, I would have to pay attention to the happenings around me and the horizon’s eye to learn more about the shifts. What can the linear be applied to? I have trouble trying to define us, I have trouble trying to define the future.

Section 1 – The Basics of the Feeling and the Moment

The Second Reflection

The pour of electricity was becoming familiar to me. Laughter and awareness double reflecting each other. Nearly forgetting about this part of the spectrum but also almost getting lost in it. Closer than I could understand, connecting more than I could understand. The ocean currents were different in this part of the sky.

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”
― David Mitchell, 
Cloud Atlas

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world — above, below, and across — unhindered, without ill will, without enmity.” – Buddha

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