Section 2 – Simplicity and Beauty

Section 2 – Simplicity and Beauty

Section 2 Introduction

Hoping that I didn’t miss one bit of the potential or even one bit of the mundane. The closer I looked the more patient I became. Why not hang out for a while? Of course, we all had places to be but even these few seconds are just as important, right? The exploration lets me appreciate the sights. The experience evolves just as the moment does, both keeping up with the expansion with a surprisingly relative ease.

Section 2 – Simplicity and Beauty

The First Reflection

The surrounding storefront lights reflecting off of her hair, the invisible pressure from the wind pushing around my coat. The ocean currents were different in this part of the sky. 

Patient and also genuinely curious. The intricacies disappear, and I can only see the faded hues of the echoes in front of me. Chasing a feeling and running directly into synchronization. I didn’t know if I was exactly meant to understand it, but honestly just being along for the ride was fun enough for me. The ocean currents were a little further away in this part of the sky, this gave me a chance to watch the clouds form different shapes and see the different shadows that were cast over the area. As alone as I sometimes felt elements of synchronization would always appear somehow. The pour of electricity, magnetic among other things.

Section 2 – Simplicity and Beauty


The pour of electricity highlights the connections.

The heart forever arcs overhead, if only my eyes could catch a glimpse of it just once. Falling into the potential of the synchronization. A tilt in the flame, we reflect and our cups catch pieces of the lighting pour. A glance out of the window and the magic of the echoes that come back from the other side. Could you wait for me just a little longer? I couldn’t bear missing a thing, not during this light show. I was surprised that I still had the tickets. I was still somewhat surprised that I had even received some. The feeling of being left out decides to take a day off.

But mustn’t we keep up with the winds of the shuffle? Content with where I am, but I often find myself staring off into the distance and feeling some sort of connection. The heart arcs in the distance. Not only for the path but also because there seems to be some sort of connection between everywhere I am and the distance. 

Further away from the distance and back into the moment. A mirror, but a mirror and a reflection that leads somewhere else. The heart arcs overhead, but we all looked up too late. But when I saw all of us look in that direction I felt a tilt in the compass.

I was often caught up in the simplest of intrigues. I often struggle to step outside of what is in front of my eyes. I began to see more of the reflections awareness. Unconcerned but forever curious, the wonder carries us to the path of discovery.

Section 2 – Simplicity and Beauty

The Second Reflection

Fresh air followed the cold water. The ocean currents were different in this part of the sky. The curtains open upon the rope pull. The horizon’s eye sees the potential within the marble, letting the moment sculpt itself along with the winds from the shuffle. The nature of the fire around here didn’t really seem to be destructive. The flames here only seemed to get brighter through the tilts in the compass. The flame on my shoulder became heavier as my eyes became wider, “whoa… this is what they designed?” As the machine powered up it sounded like nothing I had ever heard before, or was that just my imagination?

I headed off to gather the rest of my things. The reflections would sometimes appear at speeds that seemed almost impossibly fast. Though often warm, this time the winds from the shuffle began to cool the air. The glitter on the water’s surface seemed to change positions as we traveled. The magnetics of this atmosphere waved us across the finish line while simultaneously letting us know when the race would start.

Bit by bit and piece by piece, open windows and open fields of grass. Insect wings, and hummingbird hearts. Magnetic among other things. Some of the blends make the reflections grow brighter. Feathers and parachutes are among the heavier items here. The different moments of feelings often mirrored the different moments of transformation. 

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”
― David Mitchell, 
Cloud Atlas

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world — above, below, and across — unhindered, without ill will, without enmity.” – Buddha

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